Dubaï Districts (and what you will find)

Map of Dubai's District

Deira District

Considered as the historical center of Dubai, it is often neglected by expatriates or tourists passing in favor of newer, more "commercial" neighborhoods. You will find here the most authentic souks (including the Gold Souk) and the famous boats in wood "the abras" (you can pick one for a stroll in the evening - for more information, see "What to do ?"). Finally, it's here that your journey will probably start as the international airport is also located there.

Sometimes considered the old Dubai, you will come across many carpet stores and electronics (watches, gadgets, camcorders etc ...). Prices are not displayed in the window, so be ready to discuss the price !

Deira district Dubai

Bur Dubai district

Bur Dubaï

Located at the opposite of the Deira district (and therefore before the inlet), Bur Dubai is home of two old districts that you must see if you want to keep another memory of skyscrapers : the Bastakiya district and the Shindagha. You can stroll through the narrow streets to observe the typical Arab architecture of historic buildings and wind towers, visit many art galleries or pay a visit to the Dubai Museum to understand the origins of the city.



This district faces the sea along the white sandy beaches, you will find many hotels complex high-end (the famous hotel Burj Al Arab sail-shaped and the complex of islands "The World") and villas where are staying rich Emiraties and expatriate families.

Of course, to satisfy all these people many chic restaurants and the largest shopping center has been developed here (like the Mall of the Emirates with its indoor ski slope).

Jumeirah district Dubai


Sheikh Zayed Road district in Dubai

Sheikh Zayed Road

Before being a neighborhood, Sheikh Zayed Road is primarily the main artery of the city (despite the name of "road", but rather a 2x 7-lane highway). It separates the Jumeirah district with the south of the city and offers a look quite grasping on the architectural possibilities of the constructed buildings. If you go from the airport to the southern districts, you will spend necessarily.

Apart from the skyscrapers, you will find the highest of Dubai (The much famous "Burj Khalifa"), but also the Nad al Sheba Racing Club if you are fond of horse racing, the business district "World trade center "or flamingos Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary.

New Dubaï

As the name suggests, the "new Dubai" fresh out of the ground with its many residential areas and multiple hotels (again!), its artificial palm "Palm Jumeirah" and "Palm Jebel Ali." As this is a new area, do not be surprised by the sheer number of cranes and buildings under construction, because here the demand and growth never stop (unless global financial crisis).
Finally, the Jumeirah beach can be an opportunity for a stroll by the sea and if you are a luxury yacht lover a trip to Dubai Marina is a must ...
You just understood, the New Dubai is the exact opposite of Deira along the creek ...

Dubai Marina
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