Around Dubaï

If you want to see what's around Dubai here's the main cities of the Emirates and their point of interest. Don't forget that the culturals are not the same in the other parts of the Emirates, so watch your dress code !

United Arab Emirates map


Abu Dhabi :

Located about 150km south west of Dubai, the city is a little less for tourists but more for business.

The "Yas Island" has many entertainment, including the circuit of Formula 1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi, the Ferrari World theme park (, Yas Waterworld with its multitude of slide and games water ( and many other distractions. More information also on

Visit the Grand Mosque Sheikh Zayed :
One of the largest mosque in the world, it is open to visitors every day from 9h to 22h except on Friday morning. The care given to the decoration worth a visit! More information on visiting hours at To get there, you can go there by taxi from Abu Dhabi or your car (out of town, take the highway to Dubai and follow the signs ...)

Corniche Abu Dhabi : approximately 8km long walk on the waterfront with walking paths, restaurants, cafes etc .... The entrance is located on Corniche Beach near the Marina.

Abu Dhabi Grand prix

Mosquee Abu Dhabi

Oasis Al Ain
Al Aïn :

Oasis : Situated near the Museum of Al Ain, the oasis "in the city" is the perfect place if you are looking for a quiet corner away from the urban noises. Free admission. Similarly, you can also visit the garden paradise of Al Ain (Al Nahyan Awal Street roundabout Zakher, Al Ain).
The camel market : located east of Jebel Hafeet, you will discover the locals haggling goats, sheep and camels course, the qualities of animals are the subject of intense haggling.
Theme park : try to HillFun City! (


Al Fujayrah :

The city is like Dubai 20 years ago before the limitless buildings : much more picturesque, you can visit the old fort town (Dibnah) and try the Souk Al Muhaït Road if you are looking for local products ( traditional crafts etc ...). Take this opportunity to visit the ancient mosque in Badiyh.

Very few beaches in the area, it is recommended to go up north to Dibba and to stop at Sandy Beach : The area is nice enough to make scuba diving, a known spot is Snoopy Island (a rock resembling dog Snoopy and where snorkeling is possible). Beware however, jellyfish and excess oil (There are so many super-tankers in the area that necessarily there may be leaks ... who will find themselves on the beach and on your feet). Anyway multicolored fish completely fun.
The crossing of the Emirates will introduce you to many mountains and... oil installations (especially tanks and refineries). Enjoy elsewhere to refuel at a gas station and enjoy the price per liter of unleaded 98 ...

Snoopy Island Al Fujayrah

Installation petroliere Fujayrah


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