What you must know before going to Dubaï

Climate and weather :
In Dubai it is hot, very hot... the best months to go are from December to March (period considered as the high season) outside temperatures are sometimes hard to bear. In addition, between May and November there is generally not a drop of rain ...

Température de l'air et de l'eau à Dubai

In short, when it's 40 °C and the wind blows on you, it's refreshing like a hairdryer in the face...

Visa & Passport :

For nationals UE passport is simple enough, there is no need to apply for a visa before leaving. Arrived at customs, we simply ask you routine questions: How long will you stay, the purpose of your visit and what hotel you're down (business or holidays?). As everywhere, your passport must be valid for another 6 months after your departure date.
Visa pour Dubai


Embarquement aeroport Dubai
Planes and airport :
Dubai's growing reputation gives to the city an easily accessible destination. Virtually all the world's airlines serve the UAE, whether Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Terminals 1 & 2 of Dubai Airport are reserved for international flights of all companies except Emirates (Lufthansa and AirFrance are from Terminal 1).
Terminal 3 is reserved exclusively for Emirates Airlines for all flights in Departure / Arrival.
Terminal F is for Cargos (hopefully you don't come to the Emirates by this way).
There is a free shuttle (kind of automated subway) if you want to get from one terminal to another.


Money and currency :
The United Arab Emirates got Dirhams (Dhs / AED). It is often easier to withdraw funds from a machine (ATM) rather to change euros or Swiss Francs in an exchange office. 1 € ± 4.25 Dhs.
Money and currency Dubai


Taxi, car and traffic :

Traffic : In Dubai there is a very large number of different nationalities and everyone has learned to drive according to the rules of its own country. Imagine what happens when you mix all these people : sometimes (often) you get dangerous traffic, erratic, chaotic, messy ...
So beware if you have appointments on early morning, traffic jams can make you prefer the subway !

Taxi et circulation a Dubai

Car hire : a bit useless to take a car rental to move to Dubai even if gasoline is cheap, regular heavy traffic will quickly discourage you (personally I don't recommend, it's a fu*** misery). By cons, if you want to go to Abu Dhabi or visit the rest of the UAE, there's no better !

Public taxi : here the fare is regulated by the authority of Transport (RTA), they are usually recognizable by their yellow-beige color with a red roof, green or blue. There is a visible counter with a minimum of 10 Dhs for the race (sic). Extra Dhs 20 or 25 (in addition to the race) from the airport. Some taxis are reserved for women (pink roof).
Private taxi : The cars are more luxurious than public taxis, but the fare also... You will find them usually in front of hotels, they will challenge you to offer you a taxi. Price can be discussed in advance.
In general, taxis in Dubai are cheap (nothing to do with Paris or New York ! ) So you can use them for discovering the city du to their strong presence.

Metro in Dubai

Public Transportation (bus & metro) :

The skytrain : the golden saucer shaped stations are easily recognizable, you can buy your ticket for either a single trip or for the day or the week from a vending machine. The main line through the city starting from Jebel Ali to Deira. A shorter secondary line is for traveling from Deira to Bur Dubai.
The bus (internal lines) : The bus stations are air conditioned, lines crisscross the entire city (The bus map is downloadable at www.dubai-bus.com).
The bus (external lines) : Buses doing long trips are taken in bus stations, there are 8 in the city. Very cheap transportation (25 Dhs Dubai Travel > Abu Dhabi, approx. 2 hours drive), but not necessarily very fast ...


Tips :
Each country has its habits, here is the one used in Dubai so you won't look like a slob :
At the restaurant : service is included in the price, you can leave a tip if the service was up (max 10% of the bill.).
Taxis : drivers like to keep the change for them, so you can give a tip by rounding the note to the next ten.
Hotels : employees expect a small tip 2 or 3 Dhs or more depending on the service rendered.
Tip in Dubai


Life in Dubai

Dubaï nightlife :

Dubai people are living on evening when temperatures are a bit cooler. It is also not uncommon for restaurants begin to fill only from 9pm and know a peak attendance to 22:30.
Alcohol consumption: Only bar and Restaurant located on Hotels can serve alcohol. If you must breathe during a traffic control you have to know that tolerance is 0 gr. Also remember that being drunk on the street can lead you in jail !
Weekends and holidays: Friday is considered the weekly day of rest, administrations will be closed and many shops are closed in the morning. Dates to remember are statutory holidays January 1, August 6 and December 2 (National Day).
Attention to the dresscode ! Although Dubai is relatively "soft" against the outfits always prefer clothes that hide the arms and legs. Remember that in the Middle East, wearing a shirt and a short is shocking like walking in underwear ...
Kissing is not allowed ! This is not because it's nice and warm that you can do whatever you want : the signs of affection (to hold hand, kiss ...) are prohibited. Do not ask why, it's like that.


La langue Arabe :
L'arabe est la langue officielle de Dubaï, mais tout le monde parle anglais et les panneaux sont indiqués dans les 2 langues. Voici néamoins les 3 ou 4 mots d'usage à connaitre :

Bonjour : marHaba
Au revoir : ma'al salaama
Oui : na'am
Non : ela
Merci : choukran

Si vous discutez avec un autochtone, n'hésitez pas à lui demander la prononciation avec l'accent...
Arabe language

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