What to visit in Dubaï ?

Let's be honest : Dubai is not the preferred destination for visiting its monuments and its historical heritage. Dubai is a very young city, 35 years ago none of this existed !
In terms of monuments you have to be settled by the extravagant architecture of the buildings, but it is well worth the trip!

The gold Souk (between Souq Deira Street and Old Baladiya Street)
The biggest Gold Souk in the region where the price of gold are the most competitive. Must be visited preferably in the evening.

The Bur Dubaï Souk (Al Fahidi Street)
Must be visited on evening, you will find numerous and useless stuff.

Deira Souk (between Baniyas Road and Al-Abra Street)
This Spice Souk was created in the 1850s. Take the opportunity to buy some incense and take in the scent of spices!

Burj at the top
Visit the tallest tower in the world (at a time ...) from access to pan view at 127th floor. Booking : www.burjkhalifa.ae/en

Jumeirah mosque (Jumeirah Beach Road, entrance fee 10 AED)
One of the few mosques to accommodate non-Muslims during guided tours, it is also beautifully decorated and illuminated. Provide Garments spanning arms and legs, plus a scarf ladies. More info here. You can book your visit directly at the entrance.

Dubaï Museum : Located in the old Dubai, the museum of the city will help you to understand the origins and the emergence of the city. If you don't know anything about the history of Dubai, go check it out!

Art Gallery
Scattered on the four corners of the city, art galleries are a good opportunity to discover new artists and perhaps the opportunity to return with a new picture. The most popular galleries and exhibitions:
The Third Line - XVA - B21 - Art Space

A cruise around the Island of the World
Discover one of the latest achievements of extravagant Dubai's artificial islands in the shape of world map. A cruise (approx. 2 hours) in the waters of golf is offered for approx. 500 AED. More info here
Souk Dubai

Marché de l'or Dubai

Dubai Skyline

Mosquée Dubai

Ile et plage a Dubai

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